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Get a Jumpstart on a Healthy New Lifestyle

With New Year’s resolutions all the rage this time of year, David Herzog’s new health book, Jumpstart, which is being published by Charisma House this month, is poised to do for healthy living what The Harbinger did for prophetic understanding: bridging the natural to the supernatural.

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Radiation Protection Naturally

Many people are concerned about radiation levels increasing given the recent nuclear meltdown in Japan.  There are natural ways to protect yourself from radiation.

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Jump Start - the book - by David HerzogWhat’s Hindering Your Weight Loss?

Great article by David Herzog in Charisma Health, the online magazine:

"Imagine yourself in a thin, vibrant, energetic, youthful, radiating, clear-skinned, super-healthy, blissful, toned and muscular body. Imagine living in a super-charged, healthy body, enjoying stress-free days as you go throughout the week. Now go one step further...."

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